A next-Generation
Content Discovery Platform

Dizcovery is a content discovery network built upon Ethereum (ETH), through the creation of the Dizcovery Token (DIZ).

Dizcovery connects content creators and publishers directly with content consumers; rewarding users for their time and opinion while exposing content creators to real users who value thier content.

The core services are designed to support the creation of a multitude of products and services in a new type of web content discovery and advertising space.

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Dizcovery for Users

Dizcover, share, comment, like, dislike, archive and recommend web content.

Active Dizcoveries create a stream of contents around topics or pages you have saved; curated by our AI agent and social networking principles

Discover contents around your interest by swiping left or right and save or discard by swiping up or down in Dizcovery Mode.

Create immutable archives of web contents that never change even if the website updates the original page or goes offline.

Dizcovery for brands Advertisers

Welcome to the place where your content is your advert: web pages, sliders, videos, forms, e-commerce products, etc.


Directly reach your target audience with pin-point accuracy, transparent reporting and analytics - without the need for third party ad exchangers or ad networks whose primary interest is clicks and impressions

  • Full Page Native Advertising
  • Your Content is your Ad
  • No matter the amount of users, target the right ones
  • Pay less when you reach more people
  • Complete control, transparent advert stats and audits
  • Open API and Third-party Integrations

TOKEN SALE Dizcovery

ICO Overview


August 8, 2018 (1:00PM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

600,000,000 DIZ (60%)


September 30, 2018 (11:59PM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 DIZ = $0.25 to $0.35

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

0.1 ETH



Above 5 ETH: 50% Bonus
From 3 - 4 ETH: 40% Bonus
From 1 - 3 ETH 30% Bonus
Below 1 ETH: 20% Bonus

Token Distribution


Funds Allocation


Our Roadmap RoadMap

September 2017

Researched the possibility of merging content discovery and advertisement on blockchain.

December 2017

Technical and Market strategy development

February 2018

Began Demo Development and Team Building

March 2018

Whitepaper Released

May 2018

Dizcovery Beta Launched

June 2018

Pre-ICO Starts

August 2018

ICO Starts

Octber 2018

Advertisers Portal (beta) Launch

January 2019

Implementation on blockchain

April 2019

Full Implementation & Adoption of all Dizcovery Network Features

The Team

Timchosen Uzua
Co-Founder & Dev Lead

Tim began as a self-taught programmer at age 13 when he stumbled on C++. With a college degree in computer science and over 15 years as a developer, his experience cuts across various fields including; Blockchain, AI, Fin-tech, Venture & Startup Capital, Banking & Mobile Money. He has a life dream of growing beards as long as that of Aristotle

Tony Ini
Co-Founder & CTO

His Love for simple, secure and "working" code is priceless. With a Masters Degree in Info Systems and an experience of over a decade. Tony has worked with clients and colleagues from different continents. Tony has a dark secret embedded in his beards, but you may never get to know it since he plans to shave it very soon.

Anas Sunbal
AI Programmer

Anas has worked on many projects in Natural Language Processing Machine Learning (ML) and Data Mining His previous projects includes Social networks data analysis systems, Generating BPMN diagrams starting from text, Recommendation systems, Opinion mining Systems, Bird sounds recognition system among many others

Aliaksandr Gatyliuk
Blockchain Developer

An experienced Fullstack developer with interest in Blockhain &smart contracts. Beyond Blockchain, He has developed a lot of web projects with different and complex functionality as lead programmer / system engineer.

Austin Onche
Fullstack Developer

Austin comes with expertise in PHP and modern JS (ReactJS, AngularJS, & NodeJS) and has experience working in solidity and Python, MEAN stack, AWS, Heroku, and databases e.g MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.

Kamal Mustafa
AI & Blockchain Adviser

Kamal is an experienced Data Scientist with Computer Science background. He also has experience helping as an adviser and consultant for team building, Marketing, Advertisement and PR in the blockchain & crypto space.

Dung Huu Nguyen
Comm. Manager - Vietnam
Sofia Volkova
Comm. Manager - Russia
Julian Rodriguez
Comm. Manager - Spanish
Andriana Sat
Comm. Manager - French
Yeuh Feng
Comm. Manager - Chinese
Adam Baccar
Comm. Manager - Arabic
Jihae Jo
Comm. Manager - Korean

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